We are the future of our ancestors' past and the past of our descendants.

Now that the Deer Harbor Bridge, which once was drastically inhibiting the natural flow of the tide in and out of the estuary, has been rebuilt to 80', continued effort is needed to further the enhancement of the estuary and natural environs. Take an active role in the Deer Harbor Stewardship Project to manifest our visions and ensure a prosperous legacy for our descendants.  


Opportunity  Implementation

Some of you may remember that I often say "we need more bugs". Though that is only part of the problem the solution is to put aside what you think you know for certain and then ask for a solution. This has always led me to improving habitat from the ground up. The thing that may be different about my grassroots ideas is I don't blame humans for being human. I don't assume "the other guys" are at fault. I just go on admitting to myself that I don't know the answers and better and better answers keep appearing.

Desire to desire the best you can desire...... Humbly humble self in search of wisdom to inspire.       Bob Connor