This DHSP website has been made to help people understand through simple science and common sense how conscientious and focused stewardship efforts are making great strides in this Deer Harbor area of the Salish Sea while also creating an extraordinary place to live and work.

The Great Pacific Northwest for thousands of years had an abundance of natural life-sustaining elements supporting millions of its residents.  This natural bounty attracted more people which resulted in unsustainable demand on these once abundant resources, leading to Endangered Species classifications on some marine species including Pacific Salmon. The increasing demands on marine food sources: clams, oysters, bottom fish, trout, smelt, herring, seaweeds, and many others, produced great challenges in the Northwest.  

Scientific evidence, early writings and native American stories confirm that four-season native encampments existed on this property providing a rich Native American history here.

The importance of the Deer Harbor Lagoon and surrounding property were identified as the fulcrum of a watershed wide restoration effort meant to restore salmon habitat and overall estuarine ecological function to this historically productive landscape.

 The combined studies, restoration actions, public tours, experimental techniques and projects; collaborative engagement with the larger Deer Harbor and San Juan County communities has resulted in dozens of significant projects.

The use of this magnificent 100-acre classroom as an outdoor education center promises to support habitat restoration education for students of all ages as efforts progress on the property and the lagoon as a whole. 

Economic diversity is a cornerstone of a thriving, caring community offering all residents an opportunity to fulfill the innate desire for peaceful prosperity.  Habitat for wildlife, water fowl, marine life and people. Healthful recreation, meaningful occupation, family pride, community unity.

The variety of lifestyles possible on this exceptional property, so carefully outlined in the Deer Harbor Hamlet Plan, allows for affordable housing, rural people doing rural things, development potential, agriculture, aquaculture, breathtakingly beautiful house sites, corporate retreats, in other words, an extraordinary piece of property for extraordinary people.