Our lifestyles need to harmoniously co-exist with the native island resident: plants, animals, birds, and marine life.  Even this 140 acre example of thriving natural environment must not be just another oasis of wildlife preservation.

We must conscientiously work toward synergistic integration of the wild and our island lifestyles, which will result in a model that can be broadly emulated for the fulfillment of the dream of true sustainable community throughout our region.

The variety of lifestyles possible on this exceptional property, so carefully outlined in the Deer Harbor Hamlet Plan, allows for affordable housing, rural people doing rural things, development potential, agriculture, aquaculture, breathtakingly beautiful house sites, corporate retreats, in other words, an extraordinary piece of property for extraordinary people.

                                                      The place is Deer Harbor.   The time is now.

Economic diversity is a cornerstone of a thriving, caring community offering all residents an opportunity to fulfill the innate desire for peaceful prosperity.  Habitat for wildlife, water fowl, marine life and people, healthful recreation, meaningful occupation, family pride, community unity.